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My name is Lani and I am a certified Breathwork facilitator, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Growing up among different cultures (German, English, Israeli) was wonderful but at the same time it created a sense of instability. Throughout the years my yoga and meditation practice have allowed me to be more embodied and find the groundedness that I was craving. When I discovered breathwork I felt like I found the missing link to my personal practice. No other self-healing modality reenforced such a deep connection with my most authentic self. I believe that breathwork is the easiest, fastest and most efficient tool for personal transformation.


After having two boys within two years, more than a year of intense sleep deprivation, and feeling like my personal needs and my identity were being buried underneath the daily role of being a mother in a foreign country, I knew it was time to focus on what my soul was longing for. During this challenging time, Breathwork helped me to reenter a virtuous cycle of healing, reconnect to myself and my intuition.

I feel called to share this powerful practice with other women who might be going through something similar and who want to transform their current state, empower themselves and move forward with more clarity. Holding space for people to heal and seeing them in awe of their bodies' wisdom gives me so much joy and gratitude.


"There's no single more powerful or simpler daily practice to further your health and wellbeing than Breathwork."

- Andrew Weil

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