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Breathwork is a self-healing practice in which we use our breath to elevate our current state and release physical, emotional and mental blockages.

The fast-paced and overstimulating nature of society is causing physical, emotional and behavioural health problems and leading to more and more people experiencing chronic stress. Most of the time we are living up in our heads, completely disconnected from our body. By using our breath we can start to slow down, reconnect to ourselves and reap the benefits of a healthy mind/body/spirit connection.

The technique I teach is called ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’. It is easy, gentle and very powerful.


In CCB we breathe deeply into the abdomen (diaphragmatic breathing), which is not only relaxing but has also been scientifically proven to positively affect the heart, brain, digestive and immune system.


When we go through life we all experience emotionally challenging or traumatic events. We often stop ourselves from truly feeling and processing these events, as a form of protection, due to societal influences or familial conditioning. By the time we are adults we have accumulated a lot of unprocessed emotional energy in our bodies. This creates tension and if not processed and released can show up as physical and/ or mental illness.


Breathwork lets us empty this old bag of bricks that is weighing us down. If we want to heal we need to go to where the tension is, where the trauma is held. We need to return to our body, to heal inside out.


Once we have lifted these weights off our shoulders, by releasing blocked energy, we can move forward with more clarity, alignment, joy and purpose.


It all starts with a willingness to take back control of your life, to heal and to prioritise your wellbeing so you can show up in life as your most authentic self. Once you resource yourself it will spill over to every other part of your life, your family, your work and your friends.



Every session will be tailored to your needs. We will have a little chat first to see what you might want to release and gain more of in your life.


I will go over what Breathwork is, what we use it for and how the technique works. 

We then go into the practice, starting with a little meditation, followed by active breathing, and ending with some time for you to integrate. 


You will be guided through the whole session by me. There will be music and I will hold the space so you can relax and feel safe.


At the end there will be some time for an exchange, to talk about your experience or anything else that you might need.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything that hasn’t been mentioned here, don’t hesitate to BOOK A FREE CALL with me.



- Friedrich Nietzche

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